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Performance Upgrades

Every car lover’s dream is to have a dream car. Whether it’s a classic muscle car or a modern performance car, Superior Exotics Team has the resources and expertise to make your dream come true. From subtle performance tweaks to get a bit more horsepower or the extreme upgrades that give you monster horsepower, Superior Exotics Team has the experience and tools to make your dream car a reality. Supercharge your car with a blower or nitrous oxide fuel delivery system. Increase handling and stopping ability with a lowered suspension and race-quality brakes. Get the most out of your machine with performance upgrades from Superior Exotics Team.

We make customizing look easy. We discuss with you what you want your car to do – go faster, sit lower, and look sweeter. We take what you’ve told us and make a list of the recommended improvements required to make your car perform the way you want. We then gather the top quality parts from our suppliers for your project. Once they’ve all arrived in our shop, we schedule your car’s time with our technicians to transform your car into the high performance vehicle of your dreams. 

Service Provided

Our technicians are here to help when you need: